Vows That Wow


    From our view at Rochester Area Weddings, the countless details and planning that go into a wedding pale in importance to the singular reason that brought everyone together: the promise of a couple’s life together. More than any other single moment, emotions run high when two individuals put into words the promise that will bind them together as a couple. You may want to write your own wedding vows…or not. Whichever it is, this piece is for you. If yes, we’ve compiled some tips to help you share the “why” behind the “I do.” If not, we’ve put together some sample vows, that you’re free to use as is or modify and make your own. Wedding vows are, and should be, as individual as the people tying the knot. The single most important piece of advice we have for anyone as they work on this element of their big day is this: Be real. Nothing is more powerful than the genuine reasons that brought you to this point. Without question, the very best vows are those that capture the fun, or the seriousness, or the quirkiness, or the solemnity…whatever it is that brought you together. If the words are real, the vows will wow.

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