Skip The STRESS!

rochester mn weddings are easier with a wedding planner

Hire a wedding coordinator to make your wedding day vision reality.
By Thelma Grimes

The question was popped, the answer is YES! —Now the real work begins. That work being planning an entire wedding. But, before you start thinking you have to do all the work in finding a venue, florist, DJ and caterer, you might consider hiring a wedding coordinator.

A wedding coordinator gives a couple the ability to skip the stress and truly soak in the wonderful memories that are made on that special day.

The top reasons to hire a wedding coordinator include:


Coordinators stay in budget

With a wedding coordinator, everything is discussed up front. This person knows your costs, knows what it acceptable and knows where to find the professionals to fit your needs without breaking the bank.

Coordinators have an in

A wedding coordinator knows the best florists, venues, entertainment, caterers and bakeries. You wouldn’t have to get online and search for each one separately. A wedding planner understands your vision and does the work for you. Let’s
not forget, they can also get you discounts with wedding vendors.

Coordinators are project managers

Coordinators know how to manage a timeline from start to finish. They know the date, they know what has to be done, and they know what to do to turn your vision into a reality. They do the planning and work leading up to the day, and on the wedding day, they coordinate everything from the walk down the aisle to the toasts at the reception.

Coordinators save you time

Coordinators know where to find what is needed and can set up meetings, dates and also collect everything from gifts, cake toppers and special memorabilia at the end of the night. They work to take the pressure off you in every aspect.

At the end of that special day, you will realize a wedding coordinator was an investment in happiness.